Music plays slow

I just purchased  Fuze tonight and have found an odd problem with my unit.  It seems that my unit is playing music slow.  I first noticed it listening to familiar songs.   The pitch seemed lower than normal and the song just seemed to be dragging.  So I grab the CD’s that I ripped the songs from, and started playing the songs on a CD player.  Immediately I noticed that the pitch was in fact higher from the CD player.  I started the same track on my Fuze and on the CD player.  Over the course of a song ~5 min. in length there was a difference of 5 seconds in the finish time.  I compared track length and found that the same song on the cd player listed as 4:57 in length is listed as being 5:02 on the Fuze.

I have repeated this test with different songs and CD’s and with other sources.  I even compared the Fuze with my PC.  Using the same song, being the very file I moved to the Fuze, and found the problem to persist there as well.  I have updated to the most recent firmware and the issue persists.

If anyone has any ideas what could be causing this, I would appreciate your input.

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