Songs repeat in the first 2 seconds then skip.

I got my Fuze a few months ago and was really satisfied with it. Although I had to convert a few of my itunes bought songs to Mp3, they worked fine and the Fuze played them perfectly. Now just yesterday I got a CD from my friend and I put the songs on my computer. I listened to them and decided to sync them via Windows media player to my 4 GB fuze. When I played them, they either repeated the first 2 seconds of the song and then continued with no problems or played for the first 2 seconds and skipped. One song didn’t even get past the 0.01 mark. Now my friend has the SAME songs from the SAME CD on his Sansa e-something and they play fine. I deleted and re-synced the songs again,checked for DRM protection, and confirmed that they were MP3 files. They play OK on my old 2GB Ipod nano but seem to skip on the fuze. I don’t think that my Fuze is defective or that the files are corrupt. I have the latest firmware and ALL my songs play normally except from the ones on the new CD. Is there a solution?

Try deleting them from your Fuze. Then drag & drop the files from your computer to the Fuze without going through WMP.

WMP does some strange things sometimes.

  Nope, still has the same problem, although SOME songs are playing normally.I just noticed that some files are 128 Kbps. Is this the reason it’s screwing up?

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 1) What program did you use to rip the CD?

 2) Do Album, Artist, Title, etc., have any foreign or unusual characters? They may be making the Fuze conFuzed. 

  1. If you feel like it, check out detailed format information with Gspot Codec Appliance and see if you find any significant differences between the songs that play right and the bad ones. 

  2. You could always get the CD again and re-rip it to a different bitrate. 

1.I just used windows media player to rip them. 

2.The band is canadian, but everything is in english.

3.The User/Metadata is different for each one.   

4.Could I burn the songs on WMP(they play normal on it, but when transferred to FUZE they skip.) and then rerip them to itunes with a different bitrate?

Update:I know this isn’t the most urgent topic on the forums, but a little customer service would be appreciated. 

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