Help! Playback distortion; Updating firmware; and Problem synchranizing...

Hi, I’ve got some issues with my new Sansa Fuse.  Just got it yesterday, and the songs that are already downloaded on it play fine, but any I’ve put on there, play back VERY distorted… every second of every song.  I’ve tried deleating them all and re-downloading it, but the same problem occurs.  I’ve tried updating the firmware to see if that will solve the issue, which brings me to my next problem… When I try to update it a window pops up that says something like "Not a valid win32 application…(?)  Don’t know what this means, or what could be the problem.

Lastly, when I make a playlist I want to sync, I’ll drag it over to the sync list on Windows Media Player, everything will be fine, it gives me an option to sync that specific list, but then it takes forever and it’s actually synching everything, pictures included!  Please Help in any way you can. Thanks!

Distortion Issue - It may or may not be this, but give it a try; it can’t hurt. Push your earphone plug a little farther into the jack. It may not be seated properly. Many of the Fuzes are coming out of the factory with extra tight jacks. A lot of people have had similar complaints here and solved them by giving the plug an extra little shove. :wink:

Firmware Update - Follow the instructions in the firmware release post and manually install it. Note that there are 2 different hardware versions of the Fuze now, so make sure you are attempting to install the correct version.

WMP Syncs Everything -Your Windows Media Player is set for ‘Automatic Sync’ or you need to specify which file types you want it to sync and which ones to ignore. You need to specify this on the Sync tab, or change your ‘Auto’ setting to ‘Manual’. Conversely, you should be able to create a playlist in Windows Explorer (or My Computer) by right-clicking on the files (on your player). eliminating the need to ‘sync’. Or change to MSC mode and drag & drop your music and/or playlists bypassing the need for Windows Media Player altogether.

Thanks for the reply.  I am happy to report that one of the issues is now solved- the most important!  Plugging in the headphones more fixed the distortion problem… I feel silly now.  I thought they were in all the way, just had to give it a little extra push!  So thanks.

The Firmware update did not work however, everytime I try to download it, whether I try saving it or running it, it says the same thing about win32.  Still don’t know what that means, and I’ve tried downloading it from multiple places.  I guess it’s not so much of a problem right now though since the songs are playing fine.

Lastly about Windows Media Player, after seeing that it was a problem that it would automatically download EVERYTHING, I called my brother and he had me change a setting for synching, so now it doesn’t automatically sync when it’s plugged in, but it didn’t solve them problem where it wants to sync everything when it should only be synching one song or a playlist.  I looked for those options you mentioned, however I never found an option to sync different file types.  I haven’t tried the other ways to put them on my Fuze yet, am I might have to, but for now I’m going to stick to just watching it closely as I add songs and being able to stop it before it starts adding stuff I don’t want.  Thanks again.