Updated firmware, now I can't sync with Windows Media Player

Hi folks,

Recently updated to firmware V02.02.28A, now I cannot sync with WMP.  Tried all different USB modes, but with no result.  Basically, WMP just freezes up when attempting to sync or delete items off of the FUZE.  This is not the fault of WMP as my old Sansa 280 works just fine with that same application.  Anybody have similar issues and know the fix?  

Also, what’s up with the volume drop???  Yeah, I know it is to conform with a European requirement, but can this be fixed as well?

They can’t leave well enough alone, can they?!?

Nyet!  EU wishink to be State for you!  Back in line!

No, they cannot leave things alone, and socialism isn’t isolated to Europe.  We have flareups here in the States, too.  Tell you what we’re going to do, fix it up.

You have a few separate issues:

  • WiMP is being difficult,
  • The new volume limiting regulation (EU),
  • A need for the latest firmware, build .31
  • Rising blood pressure (see above)

No worries!  First, following the same process as you used to install 02.02.28, I’d install the latest.  Curious, the “A” designator there- you should still have the volume option in Settings (I will guess you are referring to the latest .31 build).

When prompted, choose “America” as your region, and “world” as your FM region.  You will then still have the volume option.  Again, as a Daddy, I like having the option to limit my daughters’ maximum, subject to judicious monitoring of their listening.  This isn’t a governmental function.  Governments cannot manage so much as their checkbooks, so why place their hands on your Sansa?

Windows Media Player appears happy with the e280.  Are you using the same USB communications mode with the Fuze?  Please note, WiMP should be capable in either mode, just certain automations are lost, like song ratings, DRM capability, album art glitches…but it shouldn’t freeze in any case.

I would recommend the nuclear option on the Fuze, as reloading with WiMP is an absolute no-brainer, and all you’ll need to do is set up the device for Sync.  Go ahead and use the built-in format function on the Fuze (this will erase all media from the device).  It will also erase the wmpinfo file from the Sansa, a possible point of contention.

If you would like to try it, you can first erase the wmpinfo.sys file from the root directory, and perform the Set Up Sync function once again.  I have found that “nuking” the Fuze and reloading is easier for most users suffering from my favourite PC Poltergeist, Windows Media Player.

Let me know if you have any problems in your quest, and we can work through it.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Okay, we at least have sync functionality.  After the update, my version still reads V02.02.28A, is that supposed to be the case?  Also, I notice no difference when switching volume from normal to high and vice versa.  Granted, I don’t listen all that loudly anyway, but proper function is important to me!  Also worth mentioning, I always use a custom EQ.

Thanks for your time and help, Bob!