Items on Fuze Not Available for Play

I did a synch from WMP (11) to my Fuze and when I use Windows Explorer, I can see that all the files are there.  However, when I fire up the Fuze, they don’t show up! 

I’ve poked around in the various menus and can’t find anything that looks like it is related to my issue.

I tried both USB modes.

I have updated the firmware to the latest version.

And speaking of what I did, I changed some tags in the MP3Tag program. I’m not sure why but when I copied some shows through Juice, the Name, Title, Artist were all messed up…for the same source.  Some had email addresses listed for artist, websites, etc.  

Are there other options besides WMP for synchronizing files?  I am not finding WMP to be a friendly device at all.

How do I get my Fuze to “see” the files that are already loaded on it but not showing up in its directory?

Drag & Drop in MSC (Mode of Sansa Champions)

Forget WMP (Worst Media Player)

Drag & Drop in MSC (Mode of Sansa Champions).

Forget WMP (Worst Media Player).

Drag & Drop in MSC (Mode of Sansa Champions).

Forget WMP (Worst Media Player).

Sync stinks.

FINALLY…success.  Thanks.  I have no idea what I’m doing but I had trouble the first time I followed your suggestion of switching modes and dropping direct.  I reformatted to get a clean slate and started over, loading ten files at a time, dropping them all in the “Podcast” folder.  Perhaps there is a limit on how much data I can drag in at one time?

Though this is a resolved issue, just out of curiousity, I’d like to know why WMP can’t seem to handle the synch.  Are there limits on what I can load at one time onto the Fuze?  I would think Sansa would have a simple software solution.  Looking around in this forum, I’m not the only person who had trouble with very simple tasks.

Thanks again for the solution, Tapeworm.

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Nah, I think the WiMP “pipeline” can simply be “moody” at times.  I’ve transferred over 5GB as a batch, restoring the e280v2, without issue.  Yet, other times, it’s fritzed out handling 20 files.

Clearing the slate and retransferring can work wonders.

I use both modes, as I use the Sansa as a guinea pig, trying to replicate user problems, so there can be MSC/MTP transfers resident at times in memory.  WiMP can list each “version” separately as duplicates in this case, if I have the same track loaded in either mode.  Sometimes, the duplication is because I have a combination OGG/mp3/wma trio loaded.

In cases of bizarre behavior, sometimes deleting tha Sansa’s music database ( mtable.sys in the root directory) clears up the issue, allowing the Sansa to rebuild the database properly.  In other cases, I kill the WMPInfo file, and reconfigure the Sansa in WiMP for synchronization.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I spoke too soon.  It’s doing “it” again, only displaying about eight podcasts, out of about 30-40. 

What’s the deal with this mp3 player?  Does it have a limit on what is available to me?  I checked the INFO and the machine is definitely loaded with podcasts, as I have less than a gig left of free space.

Is there something wrong with my player?  Should I return it?

With the latest firmware, you can verify the presence of your podcasts by using Folder View.

Be sure that your podcast files have the genre field in the ID3 tags entered as “podcast”.

The Fuze “steals” all files with podcast as the genre, placing them in the podcast folder, and you won’t see them in the playlist folder (Music > Playlists).  The same thing will happen with audiobooks.  Also, the order will change from newest-to-oldest.