Plays back drag-n-dropped, but not synched?

Hi all

I am slightly bewildered. I dragged-n-dropped MP3’s into the Music folder on my Fuze, and they playback without a problem. I then decided to synch a few albums through WMP, hoping in vain that it would also synch the embedded album art, which (as I found out on this forum) it doesn’t support anyway. However, it doesn’t even play back the synched files. In fact, Fuze becomes VERY slow to respond when browsing through synched albums, and when attempting to playback any of the files in them, it freezes. I had no problem playing these files when they were just dragged-n-dropped instead of synched.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, and more importantly - has anyone got a solution?

I’ve read the WMP 11 doesn’t seem to work as well as WMP 10.  I’ve only used 10 because of this and haven’t upgraded and mine seem to work fine.

Maybe that’s the case?  If not, maybe someone else knows why…

It sounds like it could be an ID3Tag issue, although I don’t know what the difference is between what you put on manually & what you 'sync’d. Sansas are very sensitive when it comes to reading the tags embedded in the music files and will slow down or even freeze up when it comes to one it can’t comprehend.

Try deleting 1 or 2 songs that you dragged & dropped from your player. Now ‘sync’ these back to your player with WMP. Do they still play all right, or has the player started “dragging it’s feet” on these?

Thanks for your replies!

I got in touch with techsupport and had it resolved. Apparently, when drag-and-dropping, Fuze is automatically in MSC USB mode. This means that before syncing it with WMP I need to manually switch it to MTP. Otherwise, it will sync in MSC, and this is what causes data corruption on the synced files.

A bit inconvenient, but I can live with it now that I know how to do it properly. :smiley:

Glad to hear you were able to get through to Tech Support and speak to a person who actually knew what he/she was talking about and ultimately resolve your problem. :smiley:

The trick is to get in touch with tech-support in another country… Say, flick an email to the Australian team.

Isn’t ALL Tech Support in another country now? Usually India? :wink: