sansa fuze issue

My Pc wont recognise my sansa fuse


Do you think it’s caused by the Sansa Media Converter? That’s the board you posted this in. Have you read (or searched out) any of the already approx. 1,563,872 other posts/solutions regarding this same problem?

(Hint: They’ll be in the Fuze board)

Tapeworm, take a break…hehee :dizzy_face:

Sicoll, you need to provide more info; eg, what OS you’re running and software you used to connect with your fuze. If you’re using the software(puke -> rhapsody) that came with your fuze, forget about it. I tried it and it does not detect the fuze.

Stick with Sandisk’s SMC and I promise you, you’ll be fine…no need third party app(unless you’re doing fancy stuff). To give you an example, I downloaded an flv from youtube and using online tool to convert it to mpeg4 on the fly and once it’s downloaded into my PC, I used the SMC software(which detected the fuze) to convert and load the mpeg4 file into my fuze…that’s all it takes. The SMC conversion tool is very simple to use and works very well.

If all else fail, call Sandisk tech support and they will be happy to help and point you to the right direction as to where you can get your SMC software(if you need it) or provide additional support.