Sansa fuze is not detected on Sansa Media Converter

I’ve used media converter before and it worked fine.  Yesterday, it said that there was no devise avalible.  I replugged it in several times.  I’ve changed the modes.  Nothing worked.  It is detected on the computer, but not the sansa media converter.  What is wrong?

Reinstalling it might do the trick. Go to start menu click on RUN. Type in %appdata% and click OK. Look for SanDisk folder and you should find the SMC installer. Just run it again.

It worked!  Thank you so much!

Good to hear that :smiley:

I tried reinstalling the software again as suggested and it didn’t work.  It still doesn’t recognize that the sansa fuse is plugged in

Video4fuze seems to work much better than SMC for converting videos for the Fuze (hence the name). :smiley: