Sansa Fuze hates computers (if you want to say it that way)

I have a Fuze I’ve owned for 2 days now and my computer does not recognize it at all. I got one of those yellow bubble messages at the bottom right corner of the screen saying one of the usb ports exceeded the power limit and it has not worked since then. Even when I plug it into the wall charger I purchased with it, it thinks it’s plugged into a computer (it shows the connected screen). I can’t tell if it’s charging or not. it doesn’t show the little battery charging on the fuze.

Does anyone have any idea about what’s going on?

First, on the device, hold the power switch in the ON position for 10 seconds, and release.  This will perform a soft reset.  Then try plugging in again.

Let me know of the results!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

It won’t let me do a soft reset because it’s not frozen. And the battery is getting close to dying, I think.

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My computer still doesn’t notice it and I believe it still doesn’t charge, which is why it is almost dead.

Also, I forgot to say this, but it worked yesterday (which is when I got it) but the computer kept saying it had malfuntioned… in fact, it said that on 2 computers. Then that exceeding power message, then nothing. But the Sansa still works

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A soft reset will work whether its frozen or not. Are you plugging it into a USB port in the front of your computer or a USB hub? A lot of people have reported similar problems when they do this, and it was fixed by simply using one of the USB ports in the back of their computer.

I’m not saying that this will definitely work, but it’s worth a shot. Those other frustrated people didn’t think it would work either, but they’re happy campers now! :smiley:

I tried that too, but it still doesn’t work. And I tried the soft reset with it plugged in (after it quit working if you think that was what caused it) and it still doesn’t work

When the device is unplugged, how much battery life is shown on the display?  The soft reset is best done with the device unplugged.

If the Fuze is having issues communicating, there is one handy trick:  You can charge the device without establishing a data connection, by slowly inserting the USB plug about half way, on the PC side. The power pins are longer than two inner data pins.  Perhaps, you can give the device a charge first by trying this method. A handy USB wall charger is great to charge the machine without the PC.

I see that you are having a similar issue with other PCs, which seems to point the scales in the direction of a device problem.

Bob  :cry:

I do have a wall charger (a Maximo Made for Sansa 4 in 1 kit advertised on the Sansa website (There shouldn’t be anything wrong with it)) and it shows the connected screen, like it’s plugged into a computer and I recently found out it got a super small amount of battery power over night. I tried the halfway into the usb port idea and it still doesn’t work.It is set up to be shipped back, and another one is on its way.

Good deal.  It sounds like the power supply was having issues for sure.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: 

Yep. I’m just afraid it’s going to do it again. I hope not. The new one should come soon. :smiley: Ooh, smiley. His name shall be Shwartzenburger… Junior.

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My new one is in now, and it works great (better than the other one)! I got a video podcast on my Fuze. Just put it through the media converter. :smiley: Shwartzenburger says bye!!!