My Fuze don't launch.

Hello all.

I transfered yesterday some music to my Fuze, and then let it in charge doing something else.

I forgot to unplug it after switching off my computer. So i think that during the night he has fully discharged conected to the PC.

And this morning i tried to power it on, and he wouldn’t. So i try to plug in on the usb port in order to charge it, but nothing happened.

Windows told me that it was unrecognized,and nothing happened to my sansa fuze. No charge, no start, nothing…

What could i do ?


Angelo from France (sorry for my english)


First try a soft reset.     -   Hold the on switch in the far-up position for 15 seconds - then release the switch.    Then try turning it on as normal.   

If that doesn’t work,  with the computer on, try plugging it into a different USB port.   Preferably the rear ports of a desktop computer.

Alternately, you can try a  USB AC Adapter.

Good luck,