Sansa fuze doesn't charge in car with usb-charger

Hi everybody,

charging my fuze via the usb-port of my PC or an adapter for the socket works fine.

Since I’ll go camping on Monday, I’ve bought an adapter for the car (12V to 5V USB).

But when I plug the fuze in, the display gets dark and shows “connected”, as it does when it’s plugged in the PC. But the charging is not displayed, and the battery isn’t charged (I tried out for 2 hours).

I measured the voltages. When charging via the socket, there’s 5,5V between the outer Pins 1 and 4. The car-charger only has 5,2V. And there’s a shortcut between “Data+” and GND. Maybe with that the player knows that it’s connected and darkens the display.

Can anyone help me?

The 5,5V should be enough for charging, isn’t it?

Thanks in advance.