Its not charging and now its dead

Hiya my fuze is about a week old and when plugged into a computer (have tried more than one) it says connected and battery sign flashes however it never seems to gain a charge. I have also tried plugging it in to the usb port on my freeview recorder and it says the same thing. When i try to turn it on it either states battery low system shutdown or just wont turn on. Ive also tried the suggestion of putting it on hold and pressing the rewind button whilst plugging it in but nothing has changed.

If it’s a desktop computer try the rear USB ports, front ports have been reported to not have enough current,  its something to try.   If you have a suitable USB AC Adapter try using that to charge it .   Search the forum once more for help and if you don’t figure it out.   It’s time to contact Sansa support  or  exchange it where ever you purchased it .

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I had trouble with the USB cable that came with my Fuze. It wasnt able to keep a stable data link to my PC. The proprietary end connected to the Fuze was the problem in my case. The effect was that the data connection usually was lost whenever i didnt apply extra pressure to push the connector into the Fuze. Even with no pressure applied the Fuze still claimed to be connected and charging, but Windows hid the removable USB devices associated with the Fuze instantly. Since the connection state displayed on the Fuze itself was obviously incorrect i wonder if the ‘charging’ state is incorrect as well?

I ordered Sansa compatible cables as a backup from a 3rd party. They arrived today and have no trouble keeping my Fuze connected. Since they were really inexpensive(3,5 Euro + shipping) this might be something you could try if all other ‘free’ methods fail to work. The Fuze is a great device, definately worth some effort getting it to run!

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I had a similar problem and it turned out to be the USB mode.   Go to system settings, and try setting the USB mode to MSC.   I have no idea why, but worked for me.

hiya thanks for all the suggestions, im finally giving in and taking it back which is annoying because it means downloading everything again. i tried the back usb ports and an ac adapter but no luck on any im afraid and unfortunatly i cant change the settings as the battery died before i realised there was a problem. never mind fingers crossed i will get it exchanged no problem. thanks again