Fuze not charging


My Fuze isn’t charging.

You can see the battery charging icon on, but the battery never charges. I’ve left it charging for many hours but it never reaches full charge, and as soon as you unplug it from the USB it says BATTERY LOW and turns off. 

At most it will stay on for about 10 seconds, then go Battery Low and then OFF. 


I’ve tried 3 different computers (and all the ports on each one) to rule out a defective USB port. 

I do not have a wall or car charger nor I can get one, since I’m outside the US. 

The Fuze is less than a year old, and it hasn’t really seen much use.



Maybe it should be returned/exchanged. I believe if you havethe retail reciept you can exchange it there  or via sansa (link on this site)