Sansa Fuze Damaged

My 4gb Fuze recently stopped working. When it is turned on, a white screen with a red line down the side shows, the blue light ring comes on, and nothing else happens. It will not play music and the screen will not change, but it will still sync to my computer and all of the music/video files are still on it. It still turns on and the backlight functions normally. It may have been damaged because it was in my pocket and I fell on it.


My question is not how to fix it, as I am quite sure it isn’t a software problem that I can fix, but how much it will cost and how long it will take to have it fixed, or if it would be easier to take it apart and fix it myself, since accidental damage is not covered under the warranty, anyway.


UPDATE: The audio DOES work. The screen seems to be the only damaged part.

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What you are seeing sounds like what happnes when the transistors (Or Resistors I dont remember which exacly) go bad. But My Guess is they were damaged when you fell, inless you have a microscope and know how to rewire an LCD tv only at 1/50 the size. I would call Sandisk and see if they have a servoce dept if you want it fixed, or if they have a referb that you could get as a cheep replacement.

If I did open it up to take a look though (I know what I’m doing there), they would still fix it if I sent it, right? Just not under warranty (isn’t anyway)?

I dont know sansa’s exact policy… I wouldn’t open it. I know when I worked in retail, we would not send something for service if the owner had attempted to fix it themselves. It was too risky for our company. Call sansa and see what they tell you. One thing I negleted to ask… Did you try a complete Reboot? Hold the on off Switch in the up position for 15-20 seconds, and see if that helps. It may just need to start over/.

Yeah, I’m actually not a idiot, despite the fact that I dove for a return playing badminton with my brand new mp3 player in my pocket.

Never said you were an Idiot. I have just learned on here that If I forget something like that it usually comes back to haunt me when folks call sansa. They get on and say The Guy from sansa said to reboot and it fixed it, why didnt you guys think of that. I also find that most people arent as ahead of the game as you appear to be. Good Luck. Hope you find a fix.