Sansa Fuze 2 GB White Screen

The device will turn on, the blue ring will light up and I can even play music if I am lucky enough to hit buttons in the right order.

I see this is not an uncommon problem. The issue is I’ve tried every fix I’ve seen on these boards and nothing has worked. I said as much when I submitted an official question to Sansa and I was just given the same list of potential fixes. I have tried reformatting, I have tried reinstalling firmware, I have tried a soft reboot, I have tried all of the listed fixes on two seperate PCs. I think my screen might be broken but I am growing increasingly frustrated at the fact my device will not work and I still do not have an RMA or anything else to help me out. Until a week ago it was the perfect mp3 player, I couldn’t have been happier with its performance. Since then I’ve become frustrated and angry and I do not even know if I would purchase another Sansa product because right now I am very unsatisfied with the customer service I have been offered.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me, short of just burning the player and starting fresh with something else?

Call SanDisk, don’t email, explain the problem and demand an RMA. Unless it’s more than a year old, in which case it’s Game Over.