I've had an Accident with my fuze

So i dropped my Sansa fuze and its badly badly hurt. the front cover came off and when I tried to put it back on and power it up only a white screen came up… I’m wondering if theres anything that I can do to fix it, I really really like my fuze. Is there somewhere I can get it sent to be repaired or something?

Does any one know of anything at alL that I can do?

I would prefer buying a new one rather than getting it repaired. Shipping costs could make it almost a similar price to what you payed for it considering you can get 8gb fuzes for $89.99 out there.

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yeah thats true . i just thought maybe i could check out how much it would be to get it fixed. Thanks . 

I’m sure SanDisk has a repair department, in fact it may still be covered under warranty if it’s under a year old, however you have to cover shipping/insurance costs. If it’s out of warranty, there would likely be a cost involved there as well.

As far as repairing it yourself, that’s a possibility if you have a friend who’s good with small electronics repair (I personally have repaired all sorts of portable gadgets that failed from drops, from Gameboys, to Pocket PC’s, to computer notebooks). If it’s getting a white screen it sounds like it’s getting power and the screen is OK, just likely one of the wire contacts is pulled loose or needs to be resoldered in place. Worse case senario is one of the surface mount chips on the PCB blew, in which case it’d be easier to just replace the whole thing, though I doubt that’s the problem.

I wouldn’t throw it away at any rate. I’d look at it for you, but then I’m in Canada and you’re probably not. :slight_smile:

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A qeustion slightly deviaating from the topic my fuze is now about 2 weeks old never dropped it but i notice on the side with the power and hold button a slight gap between the front glossy plate and back one when the screen backlight is lit. Ignored it but looked at this post wondering if it might cause my device to fall apart if dropped if its not a normal thing.

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Mine has that slight light-bleeding too… Don’t think it’s anything to worry about, it hasn’t come apart yet =P

(have had it for just under a year now)

I dropped mine too.  On hard tiled floor.  But I have the silicon cover over it and it seems to be fine.  I haven’t noticed if any of the light comes through the side.  The silicon cover was only $10 on amazon (with belt clip and arm band) so it was worth it to me.

Might be an investment with your next Fuze.