Sansa Fuze 8GB - "Refreshing Your Media" - Frozen Up

My Fuze is all of four days old, and I have added only about 7 mb of new files.

After adding a few pictures using the Sansa Media Converter, my Fuze is stuck (for hours now) with the following message: “Refreshing your media”.

The progress bar is at about 99%, but the devices is frozen.  When I reset (hold power switch for five seconds), the device turns off.  However, when I turn it back on, I get the same “Refreshing your media” message.

Any ideas?

oof that’s tough. . . you can bypass the refresh DB by connecting the fuze to the pc when its off. the fuze will turn on and it’ll go straight to pc connection. than you can remove or format the device using windows. 

I’m having the same problem. Mine is a few months old. I upgraded the firmware, but still the same problem. Is there some sort of factory reset? What can I possibly do? 

Find the file thats cuaseing the problem byt removing files while connected to the computer.