Sansa Fuze "Refreshing Your Media" frozen up!

My Sansa Fuze 4 GB is about 10 days old, and since yesterday the “refreshing your media” message is frozen at around 10% and no functions can be accssed.

I already turned the Fuze off and connected it with the PC to remove every single file i put on it. Same problem… the refreshing bar is still freezing around 10 %.

Do I have to return my player, or are there other tricks to get it work again.

Best way is to format your device in MSC mode.  To do this, put device in Lock (slide the Power switch to Hold position). Then as you connect to PC, press and hold the Rewind button.  This will force your Fuze to connect in MSC mode.  It will show up just like a USB drive, so you can right click format it.

I put my player on hold, and did hold down the rewind-button while connecting it through my USB-port… and it opens up like usual.

Shows the normal structure:













If I format the player… won’t it remove these system files that are needed to run on it?

NO. Formatting will only erase content that you have put on it. The firmware and operating files are safe. :smiley:

Many thanks to all of you helpful folks!

After formatting the player, it seems to work fine again!

I had the same problem, deleting .ogg files from the player helped!