Sansa Fuze 4 GB Frozen while refreshing media

I’ve read just about everything on the boards about the Fuze freezing while refreshing media and nothing works for me.  Everytime I try turning it on, whether it’s connected to the computer or not, it frezzes at about 1/10th of the way.  I’ve let it sit for long periods of time and it remains the same.  The computer doen’t recognize it as a drive either.  I think this problem began when I tried adding a movie file to it from flixster.  I’ve tried re-setting and turning back on but it does the same thing.  Any suggestions before I totally scrap this thing?

Take off the movie.

It should go through Sansa Media Coverter or video4fuze (

When the Fuze finds codecs it doesn’t understand it can freeze.

How’s he supposed to take the movie off if the device doesn’t get past “Refreshing Your Media”?

You can set this as USB mode. PLug it to your PC and you can then delete the movie.