Sansa Fuze 8GB Charging, but not syncing

As you could probably tell by the title, my Sansa Fuze 8Gig is charging when I connect it, but it isn’t recognized by my laptop or desktop. By recognized, I mean that it doesn’t go into the “Syncing” screen it used to go into, and it just shows its charging while allowing me to mess with it as if it wasn’t plugged in. When I run Windows Media player, it says “please connect a device to sync” and when I check my computer, it doesn’t show up in any of my USB ports as plugged in, they all appear empty. This started shortly after I got my laptop with XP on it. I originally would drag and drop music into the Fuze from my PC with Vista, but one night i decided to do it from my laptop. It worked fine, but a few days later when I went to use my PC as normal, it began with this issue of charging, but not even showing up as connected. I’ve been reading forums for several days, and I’ve tried going back to the laptop, but it does the same thing.
Attempted solutions: 
-Installing WMP11

-Changing from Auto-Detect to both MSC and MTP
-Checking the device manager for any exclamation points indicating driver error (there were none)

-Checking window’s update and installing all of the optional updates (except for IE8. Seriously, no.)

-Soft resetting and Forcing MSC

-Downloading the Window’s hotfix (both 32 bit and 64 bit, both gave the “this isn’t for your system” message) 

As it stands, the device plays music as it should and charges as normally, but I’m unable to download new music. Needless to say, I’m nearing the end of my patience and am in need of some backup. Should you need clarification on any issues, say the word and I’ll type up whatever you need. 

Different pins connect for charging and synching. Since you’ve tried the software fixes, your cord may have gone bad. It happened to me.

Look at the Sansa’s display while connected.  Do you see any sign if communication from the device’s viewpoint?  Normally, you’ll see reading / writing / connected, and the display may “wink” or dim slightly while the USB bus is activated.

Try operating the Fuze’s scroll wheel or buttons.  If it still responds to them, you may not have a data connection.  The cable is the weakest link.  Try using your cable on a different port, or better yet, a different computer to see if the device will communicate.

Replacement cables are quite inexpensive, found online for under $10 in most cases.  Just be sure that it’s a Sansa cable, and NOT an iPod one, as the Apple cables are wired differently. 

Here’s the Real McCoy, the SanDisk 30-pin Sansa Cable, only $9.99. 

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Yes, I am still able to operate the scroll wheel and while it is connected it only shows the small lightning bolt indicating charging. As you can see in my first post, I’ve tried on both my Desktop with Vista x64 on it and my laptop with XP. The cable is the Sansa one, a newer one at that (I have two, but I can’t find the one from my older sansa that experienced hardware failure). I’ll look in to a replacement cable.

Hey, that’s a good sign.  Looks like the data line is open, and the Fuze thinks you’re connected to a power source only.

The OEM SanDisk cable is available through the link above, as well as through Griffin and Maximo Products.  Both of the latter cables are from manufacturers who participated in the original Made For Sansa program, and they are good quality.  I believe both makers have a great warranty, at least one of them is a lifetime one.

You can also find these cables for as little as a few dollars via Amazon of eBay, but I would recommend going with one of the three possibilities mentioned here.

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