Problems with Syncing Sansa Fuze

Hi All,

I am new here.   This problem started 2 days ago.   When I plug in my Sansa Fuze to charge up/put new music on it never registers with the Computer and the Music Software I am using (Rhapsody.)   When I plug it in it says Connected then Writing then back to Connected but it never charges the battery.   Any idea what might be wrong?   Thanks!

Try a different USB port on the computer. This usually means it’s not getting enough power. So it could be a low-powered port (back ports are better) or a cord problem.

You can also connect it and look in Settings/Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager for a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in case there is a problem with the USB connection. If you see that, Uninstall the device (not disable), disconnect, reboot your computer (to reinstall the USB driver) and try again. 

Sounds like you may have a communications issue.

If you are using Rhapsody for the To Go service, the Sansa must be in MTP mode.  Windows Media PLayer is the driver for this mode.

With the Sansa plugged in, go to the Device Manager and select uninstall for the Sansa.  Then unplug, wait at least ten seconds, then plug in again.  Windows should reinstall the correct drivers for you.

It’s also possible that trying a different USB port will solve your issue.