Help: Sansa Fuse not charging.

My Sansa Fuse is not charging.

The battery went all the way down -it said battery low & then shuts off.

When I connect it to the computer it says - writing then connected. It have the normal arrows going in circle.

The green bar when it is usually charging is not moving. 

The Fuse will not show up on my computer (not even as a removable disk)  - it usually show up as Sansa Fuse.  

Any ideas? 

I got it to charge - I tried connecting it to different USB sources.

3 different computers - it wouldn’t charge or show up.

USB port - wouldn’t charge.

Cable box - it do charge

HDTV - it do charge.

After finish charging - it will try to see if the computer reconize it and if not download & use the mtppk12file I saw in another thread.

The Fuze (actually all of the version 2 generation players, the Clip and e200v2) can get confused trying to establish a USB connection. When this happens, the processor doesn’t handle recharging the device.

The charging operation is handled by the processor itself, which has a cool power management strategy.

In this case, try connecting in MSC mode, as it’s easier to establish a basic MSC connection; the MTP mode drivers are an integrated part of Windows Media Player.

You can charge the device properly before attempting to repair the MTP driver.

A basic USB 5V charger is great for emergency charging of the device as well, as it will charge without involving communications issues.

Once the machine has had a few hours of juice, then follow the many posts regarding the Microsoft MTP porting Kit and Mode 10 errors.  There are quite a few suggestions here on the board, in the Fuze, Clip, and e200 forums too!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks so much for the tip about changing the USB mode. Just got my Fuze and was frustrated that connecting it to any USB port on my 'puter wouldn’t charge it. Changed the USB setting in the Fuze to MSC and it is charging nicely now.

saw this thread and thought I’d post my fix:

  • started having similar problems with my Sansa Fuze 4GB
  • main issue: would not charge via usb connection
  • my OS is: winXP sp2
  • I had turned off (i.e. changed to ‘manual’ start) a service named “Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework” (prog is: WudfHost.exe - it’s a resource hog)
  • I restarted that service and *presto* it immediately started charging again

…If someone else wouldn’t mind, please explain start/stop services for those that don’t know.

THX and Good Luck!