Can't sync or charge sansa fuze

I have had no problems until recently with my fuze.  It is like the computer isn’t recognizing it when I connect it by USB. I am able to drag and drop music, but the sync tab will not let me click it.  My fuze is also not charging when connected by USB.  I have tried shutting down and restarting the computer, switching to different ports, ect… The fuze is charging now on my work PC, so it sounds like a computer issue?? Suggestions please??

This Knowledgebase article might help.

Easy fix is to just set it to MSC mode:smiley: (Settings > System Settings > USB mode > MSC)

Thank you for that link to the knowledge base article.

My battery level was a thin red line, when I plugged the Fuze into the computer via USB it showed as connected, but no charging was happening and the Fuze wasn’t showing up on my computer.  Uninstalling the drivers and scanning for hardware changes reinstalled the drivers and now it is charging.

Many thanks!

Thank you so much! This advice really helped without creating a migraine. ( LOL ). Thanks again!