usb cable charges but does not connect

I know this problem has been mentioned before, and I have searched countless web pages through Google about this problem and have not found a solution.

I have a Fuze 4gb that used to be able to connect to my PC, but now it just charges and does not connect. I have not done anything to alter my PC or my fuze. This just happened out of the blue. 

And don’t tell me to upgrade the firmware (how could I upgrade the firmware if my Fuze doesn’t connect?!). 

Anyone have any suggestions?

Have you tried un-installing ( not dis-enabling, thst’s something different) it in Device Manager, re-booting the computer, and plugging it in again?

It’s not possible to un-install it in device manager, because it needs to be plugged into the computer and recognized in order to remove the driver.

Some people have mentioned that after service pack 3 for windows XP was installed on their PC, their player would not connect to the pc in MTP mode until after they reinstalled Windows Media Player 11. Rather than reinstalling Windows Media Player, I  switched my players to MSC mode. Since I don’t use protected files, there is no need for me to use MTP. I decided a while ago that MSC is better than MTP for those without protected music, but was too lazy to make the switch.

I’m using Vista, and have not altered my system in any way.

My USB charger just suddenly decided to not connect with my PC, even though it does charge the Fuze.

Perhaps an update for Vista could have done something similar to what service pack 3 did for Windows XP? Have you tried connecting using MSC mode? Have you tried using  a different USB port? Have you tried disconnecting all other USB periperals before connecting the player? Have you tried using a different pc?

looking at this thread, my problem might be similar to your problem, so i’ll watch this thread for updates, too.

Have you tried using another usb cable?  One of the pins may have become loose or bent, preventing a connection.

First I want to say thanks to everyone who replied. I didn’t expect anyone to reply because I’ve had bad experiences with these troubleshooting forums lol

Anyway, I’ve tried connecting my Fuze to my laptop which is Windows XP but it still doesn’t connect. I’ve tried using different modes on the Fuze, and it still doesnt work. I’ve used all of my USB ports, still doesn’t work.

I’m thinking it could be the cable, because my Fuze and computers work flawlessly and nothing has changed. But it still charges, so that’s what’s weird.

It’s really not so strange.  The pins for data transfer and the pins for charging are two different lengths.  If I remember correctly, the pins for charging are longer than the ones for data.

I’m having the same issue. Tried different ports, cables, computers, all were to no avail. There is no visible damage to the pins on the device itself as far as I can tell. Sounds like an RMA case to me :frowning:

Same issue for me, right out of the box.  I can get it to recognize and transfer files (usually) if I hold the cable in place with significant pressure and don’t move a millimeter or I’ll jostle something and lose it.


If holding it makes it work, then it seems pretty obvious the problem is a bad cable.

Since it’s new out of the box, go back to the retailer and get it replaced if you can. They should have a short warranty from the store. 

Otherwise, you have a year-long warranty from SanDisk, though people here are saying it can take a while to get action at the moment because they are reorganizing.

If you’re impatient like me, you can just buy a replacement cable for <$5 on Amazon or eBay. It doesn’t have to be made by SanDisk, but it does have to be specifically for your Sansa–not an iPod cable. It’s the same cable for the E200 series and the Fuze, so if a friend has a Sansa you could borrow one to experiment. 

Try this for a set of useful accesories including the proper cable…

@misstenacity wrote:

Same issue for me, right out of the box.  I can get it to recognize and transfer files (usually) if I hold the cable in place with significant pressure and don’t move a millimeter or I’ll jostle something and lose it.



If it were me, I would return it to the store for an exchange.

There’s also a warning on the quick start guide in the Charging the Battery section that says:

“Warning: Do not disconnect the player while transferring data. Disconnecting the player from the computer while the data is being transferred can damage the device.”

It seems to me that doing that can possibly damage the firmware.  I got into the habit of waiting several seconds after I finish transferring stuff before disconnecting.  I once caught the fuze going through the writing/connected cycle several times very quickly even though it looked as if everything had finished transferring on my computer screen.