New Fuze will not charge

Just got this at costco on Dec 15th and its already not working. My last fuze last 2 years. Is the quality going down or What? I see that many others are having the same problem as me. It will not charge on any computer I own. I also have cable from my other fuze. It to does not work. 

Time to return it I guess. Back to creative labs I suppose. 

I really liked my old fuze, Played audiobooks very well. I hope this company improves it’s quality because I and many others are very disapointed.

xp sp2 

New firmware Latest… Can’t tell you the version because I can’t turn it on 

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Have you tried calling Sandisk technical support yet? Might want to give that a shot before you return it for a refund.

If you like the Fuze, aside from the one you have not charging, maybe just exchange it for a different one. 

One thing you might try first though. Try plugging the USB cable into another USB port on your PC then see if the Fuze begins charging. It’s possible you don’t have a good connection on the USB port you’re using now.

Did you try forcing it to connect in msc by by pushing the power button down to the locked position, then holding down the left << button while connecting the player to the pc. Keep holding it for several seconds until the pc recognizes the player. Once it connects, you could format the player using the pc. Let it charge for several hours, then download the firmware ending in 26 and install that on the player(the latest firmware which ends in 28 has issues). After disconnecting and the firmware update completes, format the player again using the player’s menu. Use the player’s menu to set the USB mode to MSC. Now you can connect the player again and copy the music again to the player.

What type of computer are you using?  My old laptop was so old, it charged it, but then wouldn’t reconize it.  My small Netbook is a little weak in using my Fuze, but not too bad. 

Also you didn’t mention if you tried another computer.  See if that will work.

And as suggested, another USB port if you have one.  I have some on my new computer monitor at work, but they don’t seem to working now (haven’t looked into why, it was nice while it lasted).

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Before doing any of that, reset the Fuze by holding the power switch up in the ON position for about 20 seconds.

Remember, the Sansa never sleeps.  It may simply be frozen.

The Sansa will not charge when connected to a live USB port, if it sees data on the line, or it’s frozen (since the processor handles the charging operation).

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: