sansa fuse with rhapsody

i can’t get rhapsody to recognize my 8 gb sansa fuse.  it did originally, but now will not.  it will recognise my 4 gb fuse.  i have 8gb sansa fuse with 1gb expansion card.  i have the 1.2 latest update installed.  i have the latest rhapsody software installed.

Is you fuze in MTP mode?

yes, i have tries mtp and auto detect, and i contacted rhapsody support and they tried a couple things then told me to contact sansa support.  i emailed sansa support and they have not gotten back to me.

Plug in your Fuze in MTP mode, then open Windows Explorer (My Computer).  Where do you see your Fuze?  It must appear as a media device listed under “other”.

In order for Rhapsody to work with your Fuze, the computer needs to communicate with your device in either mode, with MTP needed for To Go (subscription) content.  In MSC, individual purchased tracks or albums can be transferred.

In the Rhapsody 4 client, if the Fuze is seen in MTP mode, it will show as Sansa Fuze 4GB for example.  If the device is in MSC, we’ll see something all in CAPITALS like E: SANSA FUZE.

If you see no device listed, or if the Fuze doesn’t list in Windows Explorer, open the Device Manager to repair the connection.  Rhapsody simply asks Windows for devices recognized, so let’s see it your PC is communicating properly with the Sansa.

On the Fuze, when you plug in, does its display wink from Writing / Reading and then a Connected icon?  This means that there’s data transfer seen on the USB connection (at least, in the Sansa’s opinion).  You should see activity, or hear the “ding” sound on your computer as the device is recognized.

The Device Manager can be found in lots if ways, try using a right click on My Computer, select Manage, then click the Device Manager.  The Fuze will be under Portable Device.  Click on that, then the Fuze will be listed.  Double click on the Fuze, or right click, and select uninstall.

Then unplug the Fuze, reboot your computer, then once it’s up and running, try plugging in your Fuze.  We should see “new device found”, and the drivers for your Fuze should be reinstalled (they’re part of Windows Media Player for MTP).


thank you so much. this seems to have resolved the problem i have been trying to fix for three weeks.

Yeah, baby!  Time for some new music.  Without updates, I’d go crazy.  Glad to see you’re back in business.

I just did a complete reinstall of the Rhapsody 4 client after clearing the decks, purging the accumulated caches.  Man, my wife and three little ones are constantly plugged in, with two accounts.  Gotta keep them happy.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: