Device cannot start (even though it could yesterday)

I just got a Sansa Fuze. Yesterday I plugged it in to try it out with my Rhapsody subscription. The player showed up under sources and I was able to click on an album and drag it to the player. However, as I didn’t have the ‘ToGo’ subscription, I had to change the service. Today I plugged it back in to update the service and not only can’t Rhapsody read the device, but Windows Media Player and my computer can’t either. I even tried installing the Sansa Updater, but all I get is the message, Please connect compatible device and await further messages. None were forthcoming. I contacted Rhapsody support who ‘suggested’ that I contact Sandisk. I then tried to install the driver using the instructions to Add New Hardware and I was successful, but got the message, ‘The device won’t start’. While plugged in the player reads connected and the USB symbol pops up in my toolbar for about 15 secs and then goes away. I’ve tried using both the MTP and MSC settings and neither work. I’m currently running Windows XP Professional and have WMP 11. Any help would be appreciated.

Download the MTP Porting Kit from Microsoft, and install it.

Since you have WiMP 11 installed, let’s see if we can fix the MTP pipeline.

On the Fuze, go to Settings > System Settings > USB Mode > MTP.  We need to hold the Fuze in MTP mode to repair the comm link on the PC end.

Plug her in, after pressing [Windows Key] + E, or go to My Computer, to open a Windows Explorer window.

If you installed the Porting Kit, it’s possible that the Sansa may show up under other as a media device.  If it’s listed under “other”, MTP is now operational.

If the Sansa does not show up, press [Windows Key] + [Pause/Break Key] or go to Control Panel.  Click on System, then select the Hardware tab.  Now, you can select the Device Manager.

Let’s look for the Sansa in the Universal Serial Bus Controllers.  Do you see the wee yellow triangle of doom?  If so, right click, and select uninstall , but DO NOT select “disable” as this tells Windows “fuhgetaboutit”, or to ignore the problem.

If Windows has hidden the problem under the rug (it loves to do that), click on the USB positions beginning with the BOTTOM, and select the individual hub positions.  Double click, and select the Power tab for each, until the Sansa is shown.

Once you find it, you have a few choices, with the same function.  Click on the Driver tab, then uninstall.   Or go back to the hub position, right click, and select uninstall.

Now for the real rocket science: unplug, reboot the computer, and plug in again once the computer stabilizes.

You should have a communicating Sansa now that it has had a chance to reinstall the driver: you’ll get the “found new MTP device” balloon if it is installed correctly.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I followed the directions, but it still isn’t recognized. However, I’ve now noticed that the player isn’t even charging when plugged in. Would this be part of the same issue? It was charging before even though it wasn’t recognized. 

Let’s try a little bit of “out of the box” work then.

Perhaps this repairmay do the trick.

Let me know how it goes!

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Kakyd, I had the exact same problem with my Sansa Fuze. Several months ago I installed the driver that allows me to use my PS3 controller on the computer. To fix my Sansa problem I uninstalled the Sansa Fuze via Device Manager previously explained to you by neutron_bob. Then I uninstalled the PS3 driver (libusb0.dl) from my computer. Then, I reconnected my Sansa Fuze and I haven’t had any error messages since and my computer charges the batter now too. Somehow that particular 3rd party driver interferred with the Sansa. I don’t know if you have the PS3 driver installed on your computer. If you do, this solution should fix it. If you don’t have the PS3 driver installed, another 3rd party driver, like the PS3, might be the culprit.

I tried this update and now the player symbol stays in my toolbar longer it was but it’s still not recognized. Windows so kindly suggested that I try reconnecting it and if that didn’t work, to replace it. :cry: I clicked on the icon in the toolbar and it says that there is no driver installed. So I tried re-installing the driver. Windows Driver Wizard says that I already have the most updated version when I try to install or update it, but then once connected it says there isn’t one. I’m starting to get a wee bit frustrated, but I appreciate the help. I’m not giving up on this yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That fixed it for me.

I wish I had seen your psot two hours ago.

Thanks for resolving my issue.


Kakyd! Check what kind of USB type your Fuze is set to, there should be two different types in the options menu. Just try changing it and it should work. When I first had my Fuze it did roughly the same thing and bugged me for hours!