I just got a Sansa Fuze 4GB MP3 player... Help?

I just got it, installed the Rhpasody Media manager, but when I plugged in the actual player, it failed to install as a new device. First I got this messege bubble in my icon tray saying my device could perform faster, then a bubble popped up saying that an error occurred and that my device may not function properly. I tried installing a new media player and updating my service pack for XP to SP3, but it still won’t work.

I even used windows troubleshoot and tried to install it manually. What do I do? Can anyone help? I mean, it charges and everything. At least I think it does. The screen that appears whenever it’s plugged into the USB port reads “Connected” and the batter bar gets to the very edge and keeps flciking as if it were charging. What do I do? Even when starting up WMP 11, no device appears for me to sync. 


Is the player set at MTP for the USB mode? The player needs to be in MTP mode for Rhapsody or to work with WMP.

I’m not sure how to do that, though, I did see MTP somewhere. What will this do and how do I set it up?

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Thankyou Very much. This worked as soon as I tried it.

Oh for gods sake, how many times does this type of question have to be asked and the solution of “Check the dam Mode of your stinking device and learn how to use the search function” have to be posted and answered? 10? 20? 50? 100? 1,000? 10,000?

HEY HEY!!! Moderaters make a sticky for this forum that advises people to check the mode the device is in. Called it “All idiots that can’t use the search function read this before posting that your device does not work”.

… ahh what’s the bother they are too stupid to find and read the manual means they are too stupid to read that sticky… I am out of here.

The fact that people are asking this question OVER AND OVER AGAIN, means the developers GOT IT WRONG!   Do you know what the instructions for the APPLE IPOD and NANO say?


The instructions say:  Open your new Ipod and plug it into your computer.  YOU’RE DONE!

I am not kidding, that is what the Ipod instructions say.  And THAT my friends is the **bleep** reason they are leading the industry.

I am a 2nd level tech support associate with a leading financial firm in NYC, and this Fuze player is straight fking with me to the point I want to just crush it and then burn it.  It should be plug and play and that is it, as opposed to:  plug, read the entire manual and all internet forums to find how to use your new product.


Try plugging your Nano into a computer that doesn’t have iTunes. And try figuring out from Apple’s incomprehensible filenames what music you have on the Nano. 

Sure, Nano/iTunes play nice together.  But  the Fuze can’t count on Apple’s closed universe.

It has to work with Windows, Apple and Linux. For people looking for idiot-proof connections, it has Auto-Detect to hook up with Windows Media Player 10 or above automatically, or to go to MSC if it doesn’t find it.

For many people, Auto-Detect with Windows Media Player works as simply as iTunes/iPod.  

And for those of us who don’t like WMP, or would rather use Winamp or Media Monkey, or Linux and Apple users, the Fuze offers the MSC option. The flexibility is a plus–although if there are glitches, yes, it does take a little more figuring out.

Then again, you might look at an Apple forum to realize it doesn’t always “just work.” 

But really, SanDisk has an online knowledge base, phone support and this forum as well as the manual to straighten things out.  

If you can’t figure out the Fuze perhaps tech support is not your field.

Or feel free to pay 150% of the price for an Apple gadget that has lower sound quality, no expandability or FM or recorder…