tried to reinstall fuze

I bought a fuze about a month ago, and it syncs everyonce and a while. When it doesn’t sync, it says it’s connected with the blue arrows going around in circles, but my computer does not recognize it. So I read some of the messages and went into device manger and uninstalled it When I restarted my computer and reattached my fuze in MTP mode the install program came up and tried to install it, but after it tried an error message came up stating, “the wait operation timed out.” So it did not install. It works in MSC mode, but I have a napster account, which won’t allow me to add music in this mode. I have media player 11 and media converter and all the system requirements. I have tried front and back USB slots with the same result. I am getting fed up with sandisk and am considering buying an ipod if I cannot reslove this. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

Actually, you’re upset with the wrong people.  Microsoft and the MTP engine are the source of your dilemma, I am afraid. 

Are you running XP or Vista? 

Connect in MTP mode, and have a look through My Computer / Windows Explorer for the device under “other devices”, hoping to see the Fuze as a media player.

If it’s missing, head for the Device Manager.  Try uninstalling and plugging in once again, just for luck; sometimes, the second try is the ticket.

If you’re in XP, you can uninstall Windows Media Player (Sansa unplugged) via add / remove programs (don’t forget the ‘runtime environment’ assosciated with it), then reinstall WiMP11.

I would try the MTP Porting Kit from Microsoft first, however, as it definitely did the trick on my installation.

Bob  :wink:

Thanks for the advice. I ended up removing media player 11 and just for the heck of it I tried media player 9, which was still on there, and it worked fine. I tried reloading 11 again but still had the same problem, so I tried 10 and worked as well. So as long as 10 continues to work, I’m happy. I even got some album art from napster for the first time, which was a plus.

WiMP 10 has the drivers needed for MTP transfer.  As long as WiMP 10 is loaded and running, you’re in business!

Bob  :wink: