Help With Connection

I have a sansa fuze 4 gig. Im not very good with computers but i can find my way around sometime, I just updated that firmware on my fuze and formatted im gonna start all over. I have WMP 11 and when i try to sync playlist now over to my fuze it says “connect a device” and it wont show up at all… i tried refreshing the device and everything, on the fuze it says connected but it does not show a connection to WMP at all. Im gonna try and hook to my moms laptop tomorrow to see if its a faulty mp3 player.

Look at Settings/USB Mode. To connect to Windows Media Player the mode should be MTP. Is it?

Beyond that, there is a Connection Troubleshooter  on the E200 board. The same steps should apply to the Fuze. 

Did you try connecting your Fuze into your computer in MSC mode?

Yep i tried everything cant get it to work. I lost my install cd also is there another way i can reinstall ?

Ok ive tried plugging it in on my moms laptop and my step dads old computer and it recognized it instantly and it shows up on windows media player. Its something with my windows media player 11 apparently.

Try reinstalling your WMP 11, from the Microsoft site.

Also, if you have more than one USB port, try plugging the Fuze into each one. 

Have you looked at the Connection Troubleshooter link in an earlier post? 

Yes and i have tried all 3 usb ports on front and the 2 i have open on the back…nothing. I have read the link in the earlier post also ive updated everything and tried msc and mtp

How do i reinstall ? I tried downloading it from microsoft but it says you cannot download it im using the most current media player