I can't even put any music on my brand new mp3 player.

 The first time I plugged in my new 4 gig sansa fuze the “new hardware” icon showed up in the icon tray. Then a bubble came up that said an error occured while trying to install my new hardware and my new hardware might not work properly. Now whenever I plug it in it makes that little noise that XP makes whenever you plug something into the USB port, but nothing comes up on my screen asking if I want to view the files, and when I go to my computer it doesn’t say that there’s anything plugged in. When I plug it in it says “connected” on the mp3 player screen. How can I get this **bleep** thing to work?

Try switching to MSC mode in the SETTINGS menu on your player, then plug in to the computer again. See if this helps.

Also necessary for MTP mode is Windows Media Player 10/11.  Be sure that your Media Player is updated.  The MTP drivers are integrated into WiMP.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: