My computer wont recognize my device... and rhapsody will not recognize any device.

So I have two problems…

I have a 4gb red sansa fuze and my computer will not recognize it. This is rather troublesome. It is in MTP mode so that I can use rhapsody. I have downloaded Windows Media Player 11, I have the latest Rhapsody and I even downloaded the MTP porting kit. None of these things helped.

Every once in a while, a window will pop up after plugging in My Sansa Fuze into the computer… and it tells me that it is a wizard to install my usb  device. It asks for a cd, which I infer is the cd that my Sansa came with, and so I put the cd in and show the program where it is. The program fails to install every time. I have plugged the device into different ports and I get the same result.

In rhapsody 

Under tools then preferences then devices there is a button that says find compatible device… I click on that and I commercial advertising blackberry comes up. That… that is really lame. Really really lame. But no matter what device I plug in… be it usb drive or any mp3 player, rhapsody will not recognize it.

Anyways… if have any idea on how help me… please do.

Thank you very much


Did you try useing different USB ports?

You may have a bad cord/cable.

Yes I did try using multiple ports… and the computer tells me there is a usb driver plugged in… but thats about it.

Ah, your MTP drivers are messed up.  Time for some housecleaning, and you should be back in business.

Windows needs to purge the existing device configuration and build it from scratch.  Plug your Sansa in, after selecting MTP mode manually, on the device,  via Settings > System Settings > USB Mode > MTP.  This will ensure that the device is speaking MTP.

With the device connected, go to the Device Manager.  The Sansa should be listed with a little yellow warning triangle, or it will be listed under Portable Device, halfway down the list.

Either double click on the Sansa, or right click (both venues work), and select -believe it or not- uninstall.  I know, it’s counterintuitive, since we’re trying to install the device, but we first need to cancel the old settings.

After uninstalling, disconnect the Sansa and wait about 30 seconds before plugging in again.  Better yet, I prefer to reboot the PC at this point.

You will be rewarded with “New Device Found: MTP Device.”

Let me know if you are successful!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Had the same problem - Fuze suddenly wasn’t recognized in MTP mode, which is what I need to use Rhapsody… I just spent an hour or 2 trying lots of other stuff and getting really discouraged, but this was what did it for me!