Sansa Fuse says "connect to your pc withing one day to renew your subscription"

This is my moms MP3 and im usealy very good with computers. I have tried to fix this problem or to find out why but i have found no answer to this. can someone please explain or help me out? PLEASEEEEEEEEEE lol

Plug it in to the PC and open Rhapsody or what ever service you used (This means a subscription service was used to add songs) and then make sure the device is recognized by that program. If you no longer subscribe to that service you need to delete the songs and the licenses from the player, sometimes this involves a format of the player.

Thats sadly part of my issue. My moms comp had a bad stick of ram and another issue and gave her the blue screen of death and had somehow completly whiped out all memory from her hard drive so i had to take out her 512mb of ram and replace it with two gigs and reinstal EVERYTHING. And unfortionitly i had tried that and it says that it gos through but it dident work.

Format… thats all you can do…

**bleep** thats harsh… Alright thanks for your help. Shes pissed o.O


you could maybe save it… if you could connect to another pc in the same mode and manually delete the songs and licenses from the service. But… That is a lot of work… And it still might not work… 

Try deleting the folder “Services” first