sansa frezze help!

About 3 months ago my mp3 player was connected to my computer and i was transferring some music I then removed the cable. Then my mp3 player became stuck at the refreshing your media screen. I’ve tried everything from resetting to factory settings, firmware updates, and formatting it. My computer doesn’t recognize the mp3 player when I connect it. when I connect it the mp3 still charging the battery not appear on my computer try the reset device and I could not find the archive and try sansa updater and not recognized :frowning:

It sounds like you have tried everything. If it’s charging and not recognizing the cord could be damaged–you might buy or borrow a cord. Generic will do as long as it is made for Sansa E200 and Fuze–not an iPod cord.

Do the software fixes once more methodically.

If you have a microSD card in the Fuze, take it out.

Do a soft reset by holding the power button up for a full 15-30 seconds, longer than you think.

If you need to force a connection, turn the unit Off, push the power switch up to hold, connect USB to computer, hold down << side of the wheel and connect the Fuze connector.

Right-click and Format… to FAT32.

Then, if still no joy, do the firmware update manually. Forget the updater, you’re just wasting computer space since there are no more updates. 

Beyond that, call 1-86-SANDISK.

i have cord E200 new connection and try to force the still nothing when I connect the cord sansa still charging the battery  and stuck on (refreshing your media screen) and when i try force msc mode  not appear on my PC still on stuck (refreshing your media) and cant use fimware because need the sansa updater and need be recognized by my pc

You do need it to be recognized.

But if you do get it recognized, you don’t need the updater. Go to the firmware thread, download the All Regions firmware for your hardware version (1 or 2), unzip it and drag FuzeA.bin onto the Sansa Fuze driveletter.

Force it with the unit OFF. If it is still refreshing, hold the power button up for 15-30 seconds until it shuts off completely, and keep holding it. If you listen through headphones you will hear a click, and then it will be completely off.

Then slide power down into hold, open Windows Explorer, connect USB to computer, hold down << and connect.

thats it is the problem i cant find the Sansa Fuze driveletter i cant see it not appear and try Force it with the unit OFF. and no noting happened

Well, you said you saw charging and refreshing when trying to force. That suggested you didn’t have the unit off.

Try it on all your computer’s USB ports, and try another computer, just to see if you can connect.

i try on another computer and not recognized not appear the message of connect when i connect it nothing happend and my sansa still charging the battery on refreshing your media screen :S

The screen should be black when you try to force it. If it is stuck on Refreshing Media it is not off. Hold the switch up till it shuts off and another 15-30 seconds after that.  Then slide it down into Hold position, etc.

The screen should not show anything until you plug the cord into the Fuze. Blue light off.