It won't turn on, won't charage, isn't recongized....

My sister has had her Sansa Fuze since Decemeber of last year.

We’ve had no problems with it , it’s worked fine all the way up to tonight…

The player was having problems turning on and I restarted it via hold button for 30 seconds.

It started up, but the battery was almost dead. 

So, I connected it to the computer and it’s not responding.

The screen doesn’t do that magical little charging thing and the computer isn’t recongizeing it.

I’ve downloaded the driver from the website, that didn’t help.

I’ve tried to re-format and Windows coudln’t do it.

My ipod works fine on both the computers the sansa doesn’t( one runing on Windows 7, the other Windows 2000)

I can’t imagine it being something wrong with the cord or player…

Any Suggestions?

Thank you in advance. :smiley:

Try just leaving the player to charge overnight since the battery is low.  The computer can’t go into standby mode nor hibernation.  The battery won’t charge when that happens.  Some people have found that leaving it plugged into the computer for an extended time, even if it looks like it’s dead, will recharge it enough for it to start and be recognized.

It could very easily be the cord. You can find generic replacements for less than $5 on eBay or Amazon, so it’s probably worth the experiment. The cord is the same as the Sansa E200 series.

But first, try forcing the connection. Use the WIndows 7 computer in case Win2K is missing any more recent components.

On the computer, open Windows Explorer (Computer). Make sure the unit is off. Slide the power button down into Hold position (you’ll see an orange dot). Plug the cord into the USB slot. Then hold down << and connect the cord to the unit while holding <<.

See if it pops up in Computer. If not, try replacing the cord. Don’t use the iPod cord–it will fry the Fuze.