Sansa freezes when turning it on.

Randomly the other day my sansa e260 decided to glitch itself, and now whenever I turn it on, it does the regular logo, sits for a few seconds, then the screen brightness changes to my settings, and then the picture suddenly gets all liney, and slowly fades away to a white screen. I started it in recovery mode and did a manual update(because the automatic updater wouldnt work.) and it didn’t fix anything.

Sounds like time for the sansa.fmt trick.

Try formatting the device in recovery mode, NOT by using Windows, but via the folder command method.  Enter recovery mode as you have, then open the 16MB FORMAT partition with a double click.  When in Recovery Mode, NEVER use the Windows format command, since it will erase critical data!

Right click in the open Windows Explorer window, and select New Folder.  Rename this folder sansa.fmt and you’re all set.  When you unplug, the Sansa interprets the presence of this empty folder as a command to format the data area of memory automatically.

Whwn you unplug, slide the Hold switch back to the left (OFF), and the device will reformat.

The device is now ready to be reloaded with your music.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

oh, ok! Only thing I want to be sure on. This won’t erase all my music on it will it? btw thank you for the reply.

Yes it will erase all the music on your Sansa.  It will erase everything except the Sansa system files.

Well that sucks! How did this even happen anyway? Is this a known glitch in sansa mp3 players?

The v1 devices do this occasionally.  You can try reinstalling the firmware, and see what happens, but I’ve seen that the “nuclear option” of simply formatting the data area clears up the issue of the cycling logo.

It’s important that you keep a backup copy of your music, just in case things like this happen.  Think of what would happen if you simply misplaced your Sansa!  Backups make life easier.

Bob  :wink: