Sansa eXpress!!!!!!!

After 2 days of using my sansa express it just dies on me. The screen wont turn on and I have been very careful with it! I thought it would be a good mp3 because of the brand but no,this sucks. Im going to be blamed and yelled at for ruining it and Im furious with this right now. For the past 3 days I’ve been trying to figure out what happened. I tried the 30 second thing and It hasnt worked for me! I also been wondering if you have to register? Has everyones sansa express done this also? If a moderator and you guys would reply that would be great.:cry:

hello can somebody please answer??:neutral_face:

you can still return it for a replacement. im sure that one still have the 30 day store warranty.

Same thing is happening with mine. I charged it, left it on by mistake (I think). Now it won’t do anything. It is not being recognized by the computer, recharging, turning on etc. Quite annoying…I will be calling technical support tomorrow.

Try pressing and holding down the select (center) button, and the volume up (+) button at the same time. This can reset the player and could possibly resolve issue.

You didn’t mention it, but have you tried plugging the device into the computer? What happens when you do?

Also, do you have a MicroSD card available? There was another thread where some users have plugged in a MicroSD card and it can “revive” their player. The link to the thread can be found below.

Link to the thread…

uughh my dad threw away the reciept so idk.

I dont want to buy more for it if it wont turn on.when I plug it in a little monster starts dancing on it.Tried the thing with the volume and select.

Try putting in a MicroSD card and doing a hard reset.