My Music Maker Died *sniff*

About a week ago, my Sansa Express dies on me for no good reason. It was fully charged, and i know that it was working, as i had been listening to it about 2 hours before on my way home. I went to turn it on, and the Sandisk logo flashed for two seconds, then shut off. I did a hard reset, and the same thing happened. I tried uninstalling the driver from my computer to see if it would automatically install, but nothing. The only thing it did was give a small square of color on the screen. The device manager on my computer said a “Code 10: This Device Cannot Start”


Any Help?!?!? I have found Jake’s Post, and will try it today to see if it works. Cross your Fingers!!!

Did you manage to get it back up?  If not, try this:

i have not managed to make it work again. i am going to call the company today or tomorrow. i tried that link, and everything that it said i had done, but it never worked. i just want the thing to work. Thanks for the help though