AHh..its not working..pls help

ok…so i just got my mp3 player yesterday. i tried putting music onto it, but it kept on screwing up, finally it worked but it couldnt hold all the music i wanted. So i went bak to delete songs to add others but it wasnt working, my whole computer froze, and now my mp3 player wont turn on at allll. this is really frustrating me especially cause i dont know computers very well. Any ideas on how to get my mp3 player to turn on at least?..as long as it does that (and my computer reads that its there) then ill b ok and able to figure the rest out on my own. pleasse i need some help thanks :) 

Trying doing a reset (holding the center button and volume up button for 30+ secs). If that doesn’t work, use the Sansa recovery software on the site. If all else fails, Pop-in and out your MiniSD card to probably fix it and then reset it.

Then if that doesn’t work, nuclear option is to RMA it.