I Give Up!

In the last week I have been through two 1 GB Expresses. Both have bricked up, locked up, wont turn on, or whatever else you want to call it. I know a lot of you will say “so what”, just get on with your life.

But I really loved the device, (much better than the one I replaced it with). So, I thought I would post this, knowing that Sandisc monitors this forum and may get them to notice just how many people are having this problem. I have spent hours upon hours following advice from these Fora, as well as technical support. I hope the rest of you that do have working devices get all of the enjoyment that you expect and deserve…Jack

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This is my second mp3 player, I bought an Aigo 2GB mp3 player and it broke 3 months later, I then thought I would buy the Sansa Express as I thought SanDisks mp3 player would last alot longer, Ive had it 10 days and its now broke, Ive tried putting it into recovery mode but I can’t get any further as I don’t now how to open the firmware updater (it only seems to open on its own when I connect the mp3 player in normal mode)

I’m known for being very stroppy and saying when it comes to memory I will only buy SanDisk, I even told my sister when she asked me what sd card to get, to get a SanDisk and anyone else that would ask, SanDisk should realise alot of people have one bad product and won’t go back to the company and its even worse if that person is seen as the sort of “geek” among his/her friends (good at anything technology related) because one bad product per coustomer could lose SanDisk 10 or more (depending on how many friends thay have and if they are seen as the “geek”.

If either of you haven’t tried this yet, it’s a good idea:  http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=express&thread.id=1147