Sansa Express plays some MP3s to fast

Hello Communitiy,

first, i´m sorry for my bad english.

second, i try the search, but i didn´t find anything that match.

third, the player plays some MP3s with the wrong speed.

The song starts and everything sounds ok, but suddenly the songs plays faster speed, it´s sounds funny, but after a time it´s going on my nervs :slight_smile:

Than the song going back to originial speed, it´s going up and down. 

All the MP3s are made with the same Tool and the same terms.

There are no Probs with WMAs. 

Can someone help or known the Problem?

I´m a rookie in MP3´s, so please don´t anger about me…

thx a lot


Hey, at least you’re spelling everything correctly, so you’re already above average for internet users. :smiley:

I’d just try formatting it and updating the firmware.  There are stickied threads that discuss firmware; for formatting, just find the Format option under Settings. 

I’ve noticed that when using Windows Media Player to sync songs onto the Express, some file formats are converted before they are sync-ed.  Some songs that are not in standard format will first show a “Converting” progress bar, and then the “Synchronizing” progress bar (see image below: the first file needed to be converted, the second file didn’t).  Sometimes this conversion causes the speed of the song to change (shorter song length & higher pitch tones).


However, when this has happened to me, the whole song comes out the wrong speed, not sections of it.  So I don’t know if this applies to your situation.

For me, I just got a new version of the same song that was a standard format, and replaced it so it didn’t need to do any conversions.