Sansa express 1 gig mp3 firmware update fault condition

hello ppl,This is my first post and my only problem.Well here it is the info Firmware:01.00.15f2 OS:vista business player:sansa express 1gig. my status:installed the updater and it is connected to the internet. problem:when i check for updates the program gives me a warning that it must be in usbmode and not in the sync mode. Well on the manual pdf it says that you can go into settings on the player and set the usb type,but this is far from the truth as there is no settings in the player for this mode,So what i did was do the trick with the control panel and update driver and select mass storage device.So now my player is a memorystick,i then access the updater and it still gives me that message to unplug and set the player to M something i forgot. solution:DO i have the latest firmware and how can i update my firmare if this message shows all the time no matter what mode the player is in Conclusion:is there a fix for this or manual update for the firmware.