Sansa e280 - copy jpg Photo/Pictures can't view

Copied jpg photos to Photo and Pictures folder, but unable to view.

Saw a previous post about going into settings and select unhide files, but do not see that option.

I have version 01.02.18A

Thanks, Judy

Do I have to use the Sansa Media Converter software ?

Saved one of the jpg files as a bmp. The file name was displayed in PHOTO/e200, but when I selected it, said I need to convert it using the SMC.

Need some “expert” advice, please.

Thanks, Judy

Yes the Sansa Media Converter is needed to add photos and videos  to your e280.  There’s a trick to downloading the SMC, however- the e280 must be plugged in to your PC when you click on the Converter download, using the Sansa Updater.

While te Media Converter is open, you simply drag photos to the interface, size and crop them, and use the Convert button to send the photos to the device.  Additionally, when they are displayed as little “slides”, you can name them, plus group them as sets too.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: