Media Converter Doesn't Convert

Trying to use Sansa Media Converter on a jpg image.

I click ‘Convert’, and some activity seems to happen.  But when it’s all over, there is no converted image.  There is nothing.  Nothing in the designated destination folder, and no change to the original image file or to the matching file on my connected Fuze+.

What is the point of this app if it creates no converted files? 

Is there some other place I may find the converted files, or is there a procedure I should follow that is different from the Help instructions?


There’s no need to convert .jpg files. Just drag and drop them into the Photos folder of your player.

You are correct.

I had hoped that ‘conversion’ would solve an issue with Sansa not displaying the images.

In any case, the app does not appear to behave as designed.  Now it can join the club with Rhapsody.

Make sure the .jpg images are not “progressive” and you can use any image-editing software (PhotoShop, Photoscape, Gimp, etc.) to reduce the size. There’s no need to load up a 1024 x 768 size picture on a device that can only display 224 x 176 (for example). In addition to taking up a lot more memory space un-necessarily, having to downsize to image to display it is going to be very taxing on the miniscule brain these things have and may cause the image not to be displayed at all or the unit to freeze up.