Upload video and photo question

Hello I bought both of my sons the 4gb players and I would like to be able to convert video and pictures prior to installing them on the player.  I cannot convert them with the sansa converter unless the player is hooked up (which is a problem right now since they are wrapped.) any help would be great.  I am sure this question has been asked before.  I have already loaded some songs, pics and a movie prior to the wrapping, I would just like to have the others ready the day of just to save me time.  Thanks in advance. 

I don’t think anyone has found a reliable way to convert movies without the Sansa convertor. I haven’t used that so cannot comment.

However, pictures can be easily converted. They just need to be reduced to be small enough, as if they are too large they won’t show. I reduce mine to the exact same resolution as the Fuze’s screen, which is 220x176 I believe, although some people keep them larger.

Out of interest, does anyone know the exact max size of image supported?

I followed the steps in the following thread http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=sansafuse&message.id=7981&query.id=131408#M7981

and it worked perfectly.  Now you can put these videos directly on the player when you want by drag and drop method… but some of the longer videos will sometimes not stay in sync as the video goes on and you sometimes can’t fast forward without it messing up.  To try and fix this you can run the converted video through the SMC converter and it for the most part fixes them.  I had one movie that I did this process with lastnight and it progressively got out of sync :(  Hopefully someone can find a better way down the road.

Also you have to buy that WinAVI but it’s not that much and it’s a good piece of software.  Can pretty much convert any video you download for your player.