Sansa e280 can't find my files

for some time now my sansa e280 has been displaying ‘bad track’ on quite a number of songs. I connected it to my PC yesterday and got an automated update which I accepted. Now the player can only ‘see’ 329, out of about 1500 songs. I assume all the ‘bad track’ files have disappeared. Howver in the properties menu the player has used up 7.5GB so the songs must be stored on it somewhere…i just dont know where.

PS I’ve un-hidden the music file so I’m not missing something completely obvious!

Help please!

Updating the firmware switches the E280 into MTP mode. Your other songs were probably transferred in MSC mode. Your computer can only see one at a time (while the Sansa sees all). Go into Settings/USB Mode, switch, and see if the other songs are there.

More on MSC and MTP here.

The firmware update is unlikely to eliminate the bad tracks. However, if the problem was that they had tags that the E200 couldn’t read, it is possible that the newer firmware is a little more flexible. To get rid of bad tracks, try this FAQ.

thanks for your response, however i still can’t find them. i even tried to ‘rockbox’ it but that can’t see them either.

really don’t want to have to wipe the player and start again…it took me ages to put all those songs on!

How did you put the songs on in the first place?