can't see songs on e260

I have an e260, have updated to 3.01.16a, and i’m in msc mode.

all of a sudden I cannot view the music files on the computer (winxp)

the songs are on the mp3, in my computer it shows a e200 and another drive removeable disk.

the e200 folder has all the subs (music, voice, etc) but all the folders are empty.

the removeable disk in my computer says “insert a disk” when I click on it.

when I go to properties on the e200 the computer shows the 700mb used.

I have no backup of this music, so I dont want to format.

recently I changed the battery, which was unable to re-charge anymore, but

I had viewed the files on the computer after the battery was changed.

any ideas ???  please help…

Probably better to post your problem/request for help in the

Sansa e200 series board


All Other MP3 Players board

That’s where the most number of people who can help you will see it. :wink: