e260 Is there any way to restore a bad track?


I have been researching this for awhile and I can’t seem to find an answer that does not require deleting all of the songs from my Sansa e260.

It has not been dropped nor otherwise harmed, yet every few months songs start disappearing from my player as “bad tracks”.  These are songs that I have been listening to, so they used to work just fine.  Some are from cd’s, some are from rhapsody. 

Please if someone knows how to restore these tracks that would be great, because I don’t have many of the songs on my pc anymore (I did always keep a file of what was on my mp4, but it is gone.)  

Also, should I expect this to happen at random with all mp4’s, or is this a Sansa issue?  (this is my first mp-anything and I don’t want to have to deal with this again.)

Thank you!

There is one possibility. Transfer the tracks to your PC and try using Windows Media Player to play the track.

If all works well on the PC side, delete the track on the Sansa next, then retransfer to the player.  I would use the Sync function of WiMP.  It’s possible that there’s a corruption in the metadata of the track.  By pulling the file using WiMP, you can then update the track information using the media player, which might do the trick.

Bob  :wink: