Getting "Bad Track" on files after Firmware Update on e280


So, i updated my firmware on my e280 tonight.

Let it restart, then refresh database, then restart again.

Now, it’s telling me that tracks that were just fine before are “Bad tracks” … Not quite sure if this means they’re now corrupted, or what.

Can anyone help me out with this before i concider reformatting and moving all my music back onto it as an attempt to fix this?

Same thing happened to me last night on my e270 6gig.  Thinking I will attempt to roll back or restore the firmware to the previous version and see if that will resolve whatever the issue was that was caused by the firmware update.

You can use the Windows chkdsk utility to check the Sanssa for errors. To do this you must connect in MSC mode for the computer to access the drive.  Quite often, a simple running of this utility is all that’s needed, rather than reloading your music.

Microsoft made the command-line chkdsk utility available automatically, under Windows, by using the “manage” function.

Here’s a guide to the procedure for you.

What happens is the File Allocation Table, the index of your stored media, can get corrupted during a transfer.  Sometimes, the Sansa will give you a message, “not enough space for music DB”.  The manage / chkdsk utility is the hot ticket.

Should you run into any issues, feel free to ask us here!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Dear Bob,

That did it!  Running chkdsk took a while for it to run but all appears well now.  Thanx much.