Sansa e260 v1 - video conversion is VERY SLOW, can I speed it up?

My system setup, if it helps: OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit SP1, CPU is AMD K10, 4GB RAM

I have a bunch of episodes of a TV show I want to copy onto my e260, all in *.mp4 file format and all under 200 MB.

Adding them to the “files waiting to be copied” list in Sansa Media Converter is easy, and it works. Test-playing them in the “Preview on Sansa e260” window is easy, and it works. But actually transferring them to my device is extremely slow, and I can’t even tell if it’s actually working - the e260 itself isn’t displaying the “Writing” message, just “Connected,” as if I’m only charging it and nothing else is happening. I left the SMC running in the background for over an hour and went to have breakfast and run some errands, I came back, and the progress bar was up to 2% of the first file of ten.  Meanwhile, Task Manager says that SMC has been using ~90% of my RAM just to grind its gears on this and go essentially nowhere.

What can I tweak in SMC in order to make it start doing what it should already be doing?